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Today's Business is About Customer Experience‚Äč


Discover the best music that suits your brand.


Screens that fit your brand's identity.


Public Address System that lasts for a decade.

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We create and run game changing Platforms that unlocks the full potential of your business.


In-store Music and Messaging creates the right audio experience for your customers with WAVFLOW.


LED walls, TV Screens, WAV signage players and creation of engaging video content with WAV.


Design and deploy the right fragrance for your business with WAV.


Merlaud, Panphonics, and WAV Public Address Systems performs 24/7 365 with no let up. Dependable and Industrial.


Let your product be known to 350,000,000 people across high traffic areas in Southeast Asia.


Implement a better system for your business, monitor tasks efficiently, and enhance customer engagement and accessibility with WAVApps.

It's time to WOW your Customers NOW.

WAV is an award-winning provider of Connected Digital Services, Best in Class In-Store Content and Entertainment. Headquartered in Makati, Philippines with a network of offices across the region, we empower different Industries. WAV’s digital services reach millions of customers across thousands of store locations in Southeast Asia.

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