The Timbre Group, a major music, entertainment, lifestyle, and education holdings company in Singapore, recently partnered with audioWAV to bring professional and customized messaging and music to its pioneering alfresco live music bars where people meet up, unwind, and enjoy themselves. The Timbre Group also owns and operates Hotel Restaurants, a Catering and Delivery Service, an Events Company, and a Music Academy. Founded by accomplished and award-winning entrepreneurs, Edward Chia and Danny Loong, Timbre is driven to promote and further the awareness and development of music and the arts in Singapore especially to its youth. On the other hand, the audioWAV Group of Companies is a global retail media specialist with a wide assortment of cutting-edge instore media services and products such as customized instore messaging and programming, digital audio-video signages, instore sound systems, scents, and many more. audioWAV services and products are used by numerous companies and brands in diverse industries in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, and the USA. Together, Timbre and audioWAV hope to advance music and the arts in Singapore even faster than was thought possible through a collaboration of entrepreneurial brilliance and advanced new media systems, software, and strategies. Singaporeans can now enjoy Timbre’s Live Music Bars even more with TIMBRE RADIO, the first fruit of this collaboration between the two trail-blazing companies and a pioneering and professional messaging and music programming system powered by audioWAV. TIMBER RADIO gives Singaporean artists yet another powerful venue to share their music and inform the community of their events and live performances. With TIMBER RADIO, music and the arts in Singapore has taken another ground-breaking step into a continually brightening future.