For over 50 years, the Asian Institute of Management has armed Asia’s foremost thought-leaders and influencers with the knowledge and skill to further create meaningful impact in the world of business and development. Where the institution was, for the longest time, rooted in tradition and heritage, it now welcomes and embraces change.

AIM’s new identity moving forward into the future was unveiled at a grand launch event last February 28, 2017, at the AIM campus along Paseo de Roxas. Dr Jikyeong Kang, AIM’s newly appointed president and dean, stated that the reinvigoration of AIM’s image, touted by its new quad-coloured logo, would only reiterate the Institution’s mission for innovation.

Apart from the dynamic new logo, the new image of the internationally-accredited institution also included a revamp of its lobby, headlined by a presentation and installation of an innovative immersive display. The main lobby wall now features large, high-definition LED screens showing vibrant cityscapes of major Asian business districts, showcasing the institution’s continental reach. Fully-functional Merlaud Professional Audio systems work in sync with the screen, with complementing scent machines rounding off the atmospheric experience. The audio-visual sensory display – supplied by the country’s premier tech and atmospheric branding solutions provider, WAV Global – marks AIM’s transition into going digital, keeping up with the ever-changing business and industry landscape.

The Asian Institute of Management continues to nurture future leaders by staying up to speed with the demands of the industries that professionals operate in. It also aims to continue to cultivate an environment that understands and inspires change, beginning with its new identity and new aim to lead, inspire, and transform.