Super band RiverMaya pumps up the crowd thru audioWAV's laser lights effect.

Super band RiverMaya pumps up the crowd thru audioWAV's laser lights effects.

It wasn’t another EDSA Revolution, but you could have mistaken it for one with the sight of all the overflowing people.

A total of over 120,000 Filipinos stood together to join the Chowking Grand Fireworks and Free Concerts event held simultaneously across five provincial locations as part of Chowking’s Chinese New Year festivities.

The massive event handled by audioWAV’s events team was held last Feb. 9 in Lucena Quezon, Angeles Pampanga, Bacolod, Malolos Bulacan and San Jose Nueva Ecija.

In San Jose, the northernmost city of Nueva Ecija province, a record crowd of about 50,000 flocked to the Constancio Padilla National High School where the event was staged, prompting event organizers to close the gate late in the show to prevent over- crowding.

“It was worth it. We were able to communicate with a huge number of people through the event,” said Mr. Richie Manayon, one of Chowking’s senior marketing managers.

The big bash sponsored by the food chain showcased the top bands namely Freestyle, Kamikazee, 6 Cyclemind, Rivermaya, and Spongecola.

It also featured over 20 front acts, popular Radio DJs such as Nicoleyala from Love Radio, and sought-after comedians like Le Chazz, Ferdie, Chiokla, Magica and Donita.

As a major highlight, an incredibly colorful spectacle welcomed the Chinese New Year. An amazing fireworks display capped the 5-hour shows much to the extreme delight of Chowking’s special guests and locals alike.

In parting, Mr. Manayon related that Chowking stores close to the event venues are now closely monitoring customer visits over the next three months to gauge the impact of this annual event, which is now on its third year.