WAV Executives and Techs – Jj Sison, Benny Hinolan, Atan Tayco, Arnel Olivan, and Darius Hinolan.

The intrepid bikers and mobile sound system crew of audioWAV banded together to support The Carewell Community’s Ride for Cory event last August 1, 2010 at the Greenhills Commercial Complex in San Juan City, Metro Manila. Coming from a grueling full day audioWAV event the day before, the guys pulled themselves out of bed at 4:00AM, loaded their bikes, and made their way to the event to honor the first death anniversary of President Corazon Aquino and to support Carewell’s battle against Cancer . The audioWAV mobile sound system crew had left the night before to install the sound systems required by the grand bike event. By 6AM, the venue was enjoying music and announcements from the patented audioWAV Music System or AWMS and the audioWAV Mobile Sound Systems. Hundreds of bicycle riders from all over the country gathered to enjoy a morning ride from 6:00AM to 9:00AM on a two-lane route that was marked off and patrolled by local law enforcement and that traversed the four major roads and streets surrounding the Greenhills area – Ortigas Avenue, Santolan Street, EDSA, and Amber Road.

Bicycle riders came in all shapes, sizes, and ages and used bicycles ranging from professional triathlon road bicycles to mountain bicycles to singular bicycles such as a classic tandem bicycle and one made from strengthened bamboo. Motorists and pedestrians witnessed hundreds of striking Rudy Project “Ride for Cory” bike jerseys cycling around the route for up to four times and exercising for a noble cause. The event was capped by a mass at 10:00AM at the nearby La Salle Green Hills School in honor of the former president and Time Magazine Woman of the Year.