Audiowav Media Inc. (AudioWAV), a technology company in the Philippines focused on helping businesses connect with their customers through fantastic experiences, ramps up its domestic operations by rolling out WAV Flow.

WAV Flow is an affordable, subscription-based music streaming service with built-in music licensing, under the company-owned technology platforms that enable Sensory Branding solutions through WAV Atmospheric.

As customers in various business establishments prefer exciting, more personal in-store experiences to generic, repetitive, and impersonal music and messaging that dull down the ambiance, a branded in-store identity becomes more relevant than ever. WAV Flow offers businesses a hassle-free, cost-efficient, and affordable branded in-store radio solution with a fresh, customized monthly playlist, station IDs, and seasonal greetings. Unwanted competitor ads and underutilized airspace are also replaced with relevant and branded messages. Additionally, the WAV Flow music streaming solution aims to promote brand cohesion and consistency across all stores through centrally-managed real-time updates, eliminating human intervention from store personnel.

WAV Flow is available nationwide to old and new B2B clients of AudioWAV.


AudioWAV has a current footprint of around 2,500 business locations of clients nationwide. Looking forward, WAV Flow is also set to launch in Indonesia and Singapore in the next few months.

Sensory Branding, offered by AudioWAV through WAV Atmospheric, is the experiential marketing strategy that appeals and stimulates multiple senses to enhance and strengthen customer connection, influence purchasing decisions, and encourage repeat customer visits.

Under WAV Atmospheric are three sub-services that address each of the three human senses: WAV Sound, WAV Scent, and WAV Sight. All these services come with AudioWAV proprietary technology.

Other than WAV Atmospheric, AudioWAV service offerings include the following: WAV Sphere, which offers the use of the WAV Sight and WAV Sound devices for point-of-purchase advertising; WAV Control, which engages in the sale and customized installation of high-performance industrial sound and communications equipment developed by the company; and WAV Interactive, involving in-store touchscreen consumer technology for interactive displays and activations.

The operations and innovations of AudioWAV in these various fields of technology are changing the landscapes for the retail of fast-moving consumer goods; mass transit communication; public transportation communication; hypermarket, supermarket and convenience store products merchandising; and other venues and business locations with enormous pedestrian consumer traffic.