Audiowav Media Inc. secures partnership with Indonesian rail operator. (L-R): Mr. Sudianto, President Director — WAV Global Indonesia (WGI), Mr. Devri Bawinto, VP for Commercial — Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI), Mr. Subakir, Marketing and Operations Director (KCI), Mr. Carlos Hinolan, CEO and President – Audiowav Media Inc., Mr. Ari Mulyono Madyo Saputro, Finance Director (KCI), and Mr. Luis Zabala Jr., Marketing Director (WGI)

Establishing its foothold in the region, Audiowav Media, Inc. (WAV) has secured a landmark partnership with an Indonesian rail operator to improve the commuter experience in the Jakarta metropolitan area.

WAV, through its subsidiary PT WAV Global Indonesia (WGI), signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) for the installation of Commuter Radio inside the commuter trains.

“The partnership forwards our plans of bringing our proprietary train technologyplatform outside the Philippines,” WAV Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Jose G. Hinolanshared.

“We look forward to helping KCI in improving the customer experience in Jakarta’s mass transit system,as well as [helping] other businesses in reaching out to their target markets through our audio train technology.”

The technology will provide real-time and recorded broadcasts of announcements from KCI, such as the arrival of trains, localized content, advertisements,and educational information regarding the rules that passengers need to observe. The Commuter Line train system is currently serving approximately 300,000,000 passengers a year, with a network of 81 stations all over Mega Jakarta.

“The provision of our technology aboard the train wagons instantly communicates relevant commuter information, public safety updates, and even entertainment to the passengers of KCI,” Mr. Hinolanenthused.

WAV owns, operates, and manages a proprietary platform that supports the branding and marketing efforts of businessesthat retail, distribute, and sell fast-moving consumer goods,as well as those in the food, recreational, leisure, hospitality, health and wellness, and entertainment industries.

“Our partnership with KCI brings us closer to realizing our vision of helping businesses improve the customer experience across the globe with our platform for sensory branding and point-of-purchase advertising,” Mr. Hinolan said.

Contract signing for the KCI and AudioWAV partnership, represented by Mr. Subakir, Marketing and Operations Director (KCI), and Mr. Carlos Hinolan, CEO and President.