Take advantage of the latest offering from audioWAV, with our brand new Bluetooth Media Casting service.

With the power of Bluetooth, you can now send video, audio, or any type of digital content directly to consumers’ cell phones.

On the MRT… a commuter enters the train. He then hears a message prompting him to turn on his Bluetooth to receive a special discount coupon for your product. As he turns on his Bluetooth and accepts your digital coupon, our Bluetooth caster automatically records his cell phone number, and keeps a running total of all the people who have received your coupon each day.

You’re launching a new, visually appealing product. You would like as many people as possible to see it. You’ve made a beautiful TV commercial, but because more and more people are moving away from traditional TV for entertainment, not as many people will see it. Until now, Bluetooth Media Casting allows you to throw your TVC to consumers phones where they can watch it at their leisure, show it to their friends, and even send it to other Bluetooth phones.

Sample script:

“Be a winner with _____!!! Just turn on your Bluetooth and accept this video, and you’ll be automatically entered into our raffle at the end of the month, where you can get a chance to win Php100,000. In the _____ raffle Promo.”