The crowd in San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

The crowd in San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

In the third year of its annual Chinese New Year events, Chowking attracted a record audience of 50,000 at the San Jose City, Nueva Ecija segment of its simultaneous five-province Grand Fireworks and Free Concerts on February 9, 2008. The record was previously held by Chowking’s Puerto Princessa, Palawan Grand Fireworks and Free Concert segment last year with a capacity crowd of 25,000.

Organized and run by audioWAV, the San Jose show featured two very talented local front acts: Karding Sungkit from San Jose and Playbox from nearby Cabanatuan City. It also featured TV and comedy bar comedian, Le Chazz, as well as superband Rivermaya and a 5-minute musical pyrotechnic display not unlike that seen at the World Pyro Olympics. Hosted by popular radio DJ David Ryan of GV-FM Cabanatuan City, San Jose came out in force to enjoy an unforgettable night of music, laughter, prizes and frieworks at the Constancio Padilla National High School open field. Gates opened at 6:00PM with the first band going on-stage at 7:30PM. By the time Rivermaya started their performance, the gates had already been closed because the venue had filled to capacity. Thousands more listened to the concert from outside. A security force of over one hundred policemen, military soldiers, special operations groups, professional bouncers and utility personnel maintained peace and order.

Former Mayor Attorney Alex Belena, the husband of Mayor Marivic Belena, stayed and enjoyed the night after his opening remarks’ a rare occurrence according to his personnal staff. The concert ended at midnight after a spectacular fireworks display that elicited continuous “oohs & ahhs” and other gleeful exclamations of delight. Audience members left the venue in a very peaceful and orderly manner with many saying that it was a truly unforgettable and amazing experience for them and the city of San Jose.

Mr. Richie Manayon, one of Chowking’s Senior Marketing Managers said that he was extremely happy with San Jose and thanked the people and its municipal government for their support and for coming out to watch . He also gave credit to the audioWAV and Chowking team for organizing and running a smooth, peacefull and successful San Jose segment despite the massive turn out.

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