Investor Relations

Investor Relations Program

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Investor Relations Program

AudioWAV Media, Inc. implements an investor relations program through the Company’s Investor Relations Office.

AudioWAV Media, Inc. acknowledges the Company’s accountability to its shareholders, investors, the general investing public and other stakeholders in the equity capital markets in providing complete, timely and accessible disclosures, reports and information on the Company’s business operations and related financial performance.

Thus, the investor relations program of the Company is directed towards fulfilling the Company’s commitment to a transparent and timely disclosure regime and accessibility to information for all the parties concerned.

The investor relations program of the Company encompasses the following:

  • Timely and accurate disclosures and reports to the regulatory bodies
  • Quarterly briefings on the Company’s business operations and financial performance
  • Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings and conference calls with shareholders and investors
  • Conduct of non-deal roadshows and participations in investor conferences
  • Develop and maintain broad sell-side analysts research coverages
  • Pre-arranged visits of shareholders and investors to selected clients of the Company
  • Maintenance of the Company’s website