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Distinctly Discovery Suites—that was the idea behind the move by one of the premiere luxury hotels in the Ortigas business district to bring in the expertise and proficiency of WAV Atmospheric as they carry on in redefining the notion of delivering only the finest to their clientele.

Always thinking of upscale innovations, the move was solidified by Mr. Sherwin Lucas, Discovery Suites Ortigas’ Director of Operations, at the beginning of the second quarter of the year. For several months now, WAV Atmospheric has been receiving only rave reviews from the management and guests alike, proving once more that providing a signature scent for one’s brand can only do wonders for one’s business.

Mr. Alan Jan P. Giganan of WAV Atmospheric and Mr. AC Barrios of Discovery Suites have been working meticulously since the tie-up, in their bid to provide the fragrance needs of Discovery Suites Ortigas. While in close interaction with Mr. Barrios, acting as executor of Mr. Lucas’ visions for the future of the 5-star hotel, WAV Atmospheric was more than happy to provide them their Signature Scent, keeping in mind the comfort of each local and international guest at heart.

The secret of WAV Atmospheric lies in its patented Cold Diffusion Technology wherein scented 100% natural oil particles diffuse in the surrounding area, leaving no residue as the Signature Scent brings about a more complete experience to each and every encounter.

This partnership by WAV Atmospheric and Discovery Suites Ortigas promises to be a long and fulfilling one as the hotel industry now recognizes the necessity of providing a thorough sensory experience to their guests for a more relaxed and enjoyable stay each and every time.