The most-engagingly ultimate and essential leisure and business hotel destination, Marriott Hotel Manila, is all set for 2012 as it gears up for the Year of the Dragon with its continuing partnership with WAV Atmospheric.

A division of the audioWAV Group of Companies, WAV Atmospheric is the premiere Scents Company in the market today, allowing Marriott Hotel Manila the opportunity to give its guests only the optimum environment set-up worthy of its name.

Additional Scent Diffusers have been installed within the hotel’s environs, permitting a total environmental approach to the well-being of each and every guest as they live, work and play within the confines of Marriott Hotel Manila (which is set in the casino and entertainment complex of Resorts World Manila).

More Scent Diffusers are scheduled to be installed in the first quarter of 2012, promising an abundance of 100% natural and organic aromatic oils, assuring only the finest approach in wholistic client servicing by way of WAV Atmospheric’ Signature Scents.

WAV Atmospheric’ effectiveness in providing an absolute methodology to the fine art of scenting is guaranteed by Mr. Melvyn Angeles – Marriott Hotel Manila’s Director of Services – who is always on the go with an eye for what’s new and what’s better for the environment of Marriott Hotel Manila.

WAV Atmospheric’ Signature Fragrances at the strategically-chosen halls of Marriott Hotel Manila validates the 5 Senses Approach (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Scent) to over-all customer satisfaction that Marriott Hotel Manila enthusiastically adheres to.

WAV Atmospheric Operations Manager, Mr. Alan Jan P. Giganan, cannot hide his excitement over the continuing success in the partnership of WAV Atmospheric with Marriott Hotel Manila’s Resident Manager, Ms. Anna Aves-Vergara.

Ms. Aves-Vergara’s inspiring ideas on how to lift up the hotel’s benchmark a notch higher than the standard in the industry is testament to the Marriott Hotel Manila’s commitment to total customer-satisfaction, promising a thorough sensory brand experience day in and day out all through 2012 and beyond.