WAV GLOBAL (AudioWAV Media Inc.) recently held for its technical team a training seminar on the Principles of Merlaud Public Address Systems, conducted at WAV’s main office at Laguna Technopark, Binan. The seminar was done in partnership with Merlaud China, headed by the company’s CEO Mr Michael Jiang, who also served as the seminar’s speaker.

The seminar aimed to orient the WAV team with the newest technological and design innovations in Public Address Systems, including the operation of the system, system troubleshooting, as well as the benefits of installing such systems in local establishments. This would allow WAV’s technical team to gain a holistic understanding of the system to better service them once installed.

Operations Supervisor for Visayas and Mindanao Mr Rytchy Datoon, one of those in attendance, enthused that Merlaud’s innovations – where analog PA systems, speakers, and amplifiers were used before, digital PA systems are now in place – greatly improved its performance and overall usefulness for clients. He emphasized Merlaud PA Systems’ capability to be controlled by the end-user any where they may be located, as well as the capability to work even during emergencies (battery-operated emergency back-up for situations that call for it).

WAV GLOBAL’s seminar partnership with Merlaud China is only the very tip of the iceberg, as pointed out by the latter’s CEO. “I believe that WAV will be very successful in Asia, and [Merlaud China] can cooperate with them to penetrate several markets in China, which is a big and fast-developing market in need of good technology, good investors, and good partners,” Mr Michael Jiang says.

“This partnership will be brilliant. WAV is already a brilliant group. Hand in hand with Merlaud China, we will be even more brilliant.