In line with its efforts to continually improve its services to the viewing public, Robinsons Movieworld recently recruited the expertise of audioWAV for customized music & messaging in all its cinemas. Aside from enjoying choice films, great snacks, comfortable seats, incredible sound & crisp movie screens, Robinsons Movieworld now offers Bossanova, R&B and Jazz music while you wait for the next screening. The music is specifically designed to give you a feeling of relaxed expectation without putting you to sleep. Friendly reminders also inform viewers of services and events that can enhance their Movieworld experience. With its new customized music & messages, Movieworld completes its total movie experience. Ms Melissa De Guzman, Robinsons Movieworld Marketign Manager, is very excited with the prospect of finally being able to offer a wholistic experience to her veiwers.

The new music & messages were rolled out to all cinemas this week. Viewers can now enjoy a new Robinsons Movieworld experience.

Relax, sit back & watch a movie at Robinsons Movieworld today!

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