A fine dining restaurant that plays rap music. A teenage retail store with songs that has lyrics about sex and violence. An Upscale Shoe store that has noisy rock music from an employee. Hotel lobby playing pop music, the list goes on. In my years of travelling, I see and hear this across Asia and North America. Call me sensitive, but I see people walk out from these venues, they might not know why, but they leave.

Dumping music in your stores, can be the worst thing you can do to your business. Anything with no thought, no effort, no science, no study is bound to fail. Businesses must understand that their sound matters. It reflects who they are and what they stand for. What they say, how they welcome and engage customers.

How does your business sound, is it pleasing? Do your customers like it?

So before we allow anybody, an employee, a bedroom Dj, a wannabe provider without a website to just grab it from the wind and dump anything in your stores… Lets pause and think. Your brand is important, I’m sure you spent years building your business, take utmost care on how it sounds. No dumped music… Please.

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