Power Mac Center reinvents itself with the re-opening its flagship store at Greenbelt. With its contemporary minimalist and modish functional store design, Power Mac Center’s new look reflects the sleek and streamlined appearance that could only be as chic as a Mac. The store comes neatly packed with all the Apple and other snazzy products you need plus educational, testing, and other service areas as Power Mac Center broadens its dedication to brand excellence and exceptional customer relations.

True to form, the new Power Mac Center likewise reinforces its commitment to providing a complete sensory experience for its customers and guests as it boasts of its latest addition–instore fragrance. Powered by WAV Scents, Power Mac Center now houses a state-of-the-art fragrance diffuser that pumps out a healthy, pleasant, and an exclusive signature brand fragrance. With its own unique instore scent that compliments the look and feel of a Mac, Power Mac Center delightfully engages each guest with a Mac experience like no other and indeed, like never before.

WAV Scents is a division of audioWAV Media.