Red Mango, the very popular and fastest-growing retailer of all-natural nonfat frozen yogurt in the Philippines combines its refreshingly tangy frozen yogurt with fresh, exciting toppings and its own instore music and messaging to create a pleasant instore experience and nutritious desserts that can be enjoyed all day. The result is an extremely satisfying, one-of-a-kind sensation that is irresistibly invigorating, refreshing, delicious and undeniably nutritious.

Expect to be immersed with exhilarating rhythms and focused messages that will surely make every Red Mango visit memorable. Combined with the taste of its discriminating yogurt, Red Mango’s unique sound compliments and reinforces an exciting and branded experience like no other. Red Mango’s instore music station is exclusively designed by audioWAV.

Red Mango stores are stylish, comfortable, and uplifiting destinations for today’s active, health-conscious consumer who wants to eat well, and look and feel good.