Robinsons Malls and audioWAV continued their pioneering collaboration with the renewal of Robinsons’ instore messaging service for the fourth consecutive year. Robinsons Malls Radio will be upgraded with new instore messaging software technology and new programming for the 2010-2011 season. Ms Eunice Gonzales, Marketing Communications Director of Robinsons Malls says, “audioWAV has taken mall (audio) to a higher technology level. Not too long ago, we used to play CDs manually in our PA system, but now everything is so convenient! Pre-recorded (audio) plays automatically every morning and shuts off automatically at the close of mall hours. Updating is no problem since you can do this through the internet while the mall is closed for the night. Plus you get to push your own brand of (audio)… in our case it’s Robinsons Malls Radio.” Both parties are excited as more enhancements to Robinsons Malls Radio were added to the shopping list as audioWAV upgrades its systems and services for 2010. Robinsons Radio was launched in 2007 and remains the first and only professional mall messaging system in the country.