audioWAV and Executive Optical, the leading optical shop in the Philippines recently scored a first with the launch of EO’s own Instore Messaging Program, EO Radio. EO is now able to “talk” to their customers and staff on a more intimate level in all their stores nationwide. Customers are able to walk into their favorite EO shop and make better informed decisions after listening to medical segments and to commercials about EO services and products. Finally, the EO experience becomes even more rewarding with upbeat audio content that customers can enjoy listening to while in the store. Even the staff benefits from EO Radio. They are better able to serve EO customers because they are updated with the latest medical findings from the information segments and informed of the latest EO offers, promos, services, and products. Furthermore, the audio content serves a secondary purpose of motivating the staff and increasing their productivity and moral. EO Radio is the first of its kind in the industry and can be enjoyed in all EO Shops nationwide. EO Radio is proudly powered by audioWAV, the instore messaging service provider in Asia.