WAV Atmospheric

Create the Most Comprehensive Sensory Branding Experience

Sound Good, Look Good, Smell Good

Music for your market.

Gain complete control of the customer experience with custom-branded music and messaging.

Play the perfect lifestyle-driven music, and run promo alerts, bulletins, ads, event news and openings, and seasonal specials that you want your customers to know about

  • Customized music monthly
  • Branded messaging
  • Real-time updates and online central management
  • Scheduled content
  • Hassle-free
  • Robust after-sales support

Screens for your store.

Visually appealing digital signage that show customized ads and messages add another dimension to your brand’s experiential marketing.

Hotels, restaurants, schools, retail stores, and more, can enjoy up to 5 HDMI ports in WAV’s Digital Signage Player for the ultimate single or split-screen experience.

  • Endless creative visual options for all your brand’s digital signage needs
  • Professionally-made, scheduled content
  • Flexible display options (like zoning) with real-time updates
  • Hassle-free
  • Robust after-sales service

Scents for your senses.

The most familiar scents trigger the most vivid memories. WAV Scent can bring your brand to that level of powerful recall with just a whiff.

  • Strongest brand recall and brand association
  • Customized, signature oil-based scents
  • Safe, EU compliant scents diffused via Cold-Diffusion Technology.
  • Adjustable diffusion cycle, and controlled and timed frequency
  • Choose from ambient scenting, hotel scenting, room sprays, reed sticks, and more
  • Robust after-sales support