WAV Sphere

Capitalize On The Benefits Of Point-of-Purchase Advertising

Your brand, right at the Point-of-Purchase.

When consumers reach for a product, you want it to be your brand’s product. Point-of-purchase advertising provides a unique advertising strategy that reinforces your brand and quickly directs attention to your products right as your customers are ready to buy. Encouraging brand switching and changing consumer expectation has never been this easy.

  • Generate more sales through enhanced brand awareness as your ads are heard through WAVSound and WAVSight
  • Air brand-related sales and promo specials to encourage customers to switch brand preference.
  • Increase influence on consumer buying decision and keep your brand name at top-of-mind.

High Traffic Venues + your brand.

WAV Sphere cultivates a precisely defined, fast-growing network of point-of-purchase advertising venues. So whenever you air your brand’s advertisement through WAV Sphere, you know it’s being heard at some of the country’s biggest high-traffic venues: large pharmaceuticals, fast food chains, telecommunications companies, retail stores, supermarkets and public markets, gyms, and more.

  • Choose from a wide array of venues that fit your brand’s target market, and air your customized advertisements right in their sphere.
  • Reach millions of potential new customers quickly through short, straightforward, and tactical messages.
  • Reinforce store openings, sales promotions, and other customized messages to a wider audience.

Customized ads for targeted markets.

Fully customizable ads mean you can deliver the right brand message at the right time to the right audience. Take control of what you want a certain audience to hear: it could be the same product advertised, but with different executions from venue to venue. It’s the most flexible way to bring your product to your consumers without sounding too hard-sell.

  • Give your product market flexibility with ads based on your target market’s demographic.
  • Keep your brand identity consistently matched to its audience, across all venues.
  • Appeal to new consumers and penetrate new markets.

Ad campaigns made easy.

Imagine your brand reaching millions of potential new customers at the touch of a button. WAV Sphere offers a centralized system that make advertising campaign implementation a breeze, so you can customize and control the delivery of your messages at the exact time and place where final purchase decisions are made.

  • Specify the frequency and timeslot of airing of ads; peak hours mean a wider audience.
  • Utilize customized messages that you can air at any number of stores in any location you prefer.