The sense of smell is one of the most powerful but most underrated senses. Think about it: the smell of freshly baked bread triggers instant cravings; pine and peppermint instantly evoke pleasant memories of Christmas; salty sea and warm sunshine-y scents remind of sweet summer moments. Several scientific research have stated that olfactory senses are linked to the brain’s limbic system where memories and emotions are processed, which is why scents play a big role in memory and experience association.

And when memories and emotions are involved, the biggest impact on a person is created.

What’s more, a great branding opportunity is born: imagine giving your brand the power to trigger memories and positive emotions within your customers with a single whiff!

Many establishments around the world, hotels in particular, have turned to scenting as another layer added to their branding and customer experience. In the Philippines, the desire to successfully capitalize on the powerful subtlety of scenting has also caught on with local hotels, establishments, and retail stores. This is because effective scenting provides several benefits, like building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat visits. “With our new signature scent developed, we [at Marriott Hotel] were able to create a truly powerful and unique connection with our guests. This is how we will create a lasting impression, especially with our guests who are very receptive to smell,” says Melvyn Angeles, Director of Services for Marriott Hotel Manila. They use a signature ambient scent in their lobby, which has been proven to increase guest satisfaction.

It also gives customers a unique experience by serving them a memory to associate the brand to, long after they’ve left the store. This is true, for example, with Motor Ventures BMW in the Philippines. “We believe that we’re not only selling cars, but an experience – from the moment they enter the showroom up until customers walk away with their BMW,” says Jana Del Barrio, Marketing Officer of the premium brand. “By adding WAV’s customized signature scent, we are able to enhance the overall premium experience that is uniquely Motor Ventures.”

WAV is one of the country’s premiere providers of scenting solutions, as part of its atmospheric branding service. Apart from BMW and Marriott Manila, WAV Scent has also served customized scenting to Bayleaf Hotel, Widus Resort & Casino, Power Mac Center, Tesoro’s, and Giordano. WAV Scent offers organic and customizable signature scents for the widest range of uses: scents for small and large establishments, scents that elicit and evoke every kind of emotion, with timed diffuser machines fit for every store size requirement, to diffuse scents at any given hour. WAV’s oil-based scents are ionized using cold-diffusion technology, one of the most effective and ultimately safe methods of scent diffusion. Aside from this personalized in-store service, WAV Scent can also strengthen brand equity by formulating the same scent and converting it into room, linen, and car spray formulas for guests and patrons to take home. It is the ultimate sensory branding experience that lets your customers take your brand wherever they go.

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