Global brand, local market. Global standards, local feel. Welcome to the era of Global business going local. Businesses who don’t realize this are in for an awakening. I see big giant brands forced and were given a run by locals. A big giant hamburger brand loosing market share and overtaken by a local chain. Big global heavy equipment brand hitting a wall built by local manufacturer in china. Asian Local Hospitality brand on top of the hotel chain in the region. Local telco equipment manufacturer dominating the market.

So why do these things happen? Simple. These locals know the market, they easily get the pulse and are on the ground. They have the best insight. What will take for the global player years to accomplish will only take months for the locals to do. Customization for the market is about localization, not in standards but in feel, in affinity, in serving it. Being able to speak the languange is a huge factor in building relationships. Knowing the history and culture.

Having the system and standards is just a bonus.

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