A new store opens, the shop looks great, the colors good, the lights warm at a glance it looks promising. I step inside look around, walk thru the ailse, check the displays, hmmm.

My senses start ticking, I hear faint music, I can hardly can make out what’s playing. I smell new cloth, must be the dye. I smell new paint from the walls, a hint of bleach coming from the floor and there’s a smell plastic from somewhere. It does smell like a new store. My brain is trying to absorb everything. Is it good? Is it nice? Do I like it? Should I stay? Somewhere I feel a bit detached to this experience. Outside it looks good, inside there’s an invisible wall, something lacking, preventing me from buying.

As a shopper that had walked 30 minutes around the mall and with so much to choose from, I want a store to invite me in. Upon entering, I want to be welcomed. The store should make me feel good. The first thing that hits me at the door before I see what’s on the shelves will be the smell. My nose usually whiffs if its nice. If it does smell good, it encourages me to go on further.

Some business owners question if they should SCENT their stores or not? I say treat your business as a person. Would like you like to talk to a woman who smells good or would you have someone who smells like plastic?

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