AWMS 9.0Manila, Philippines – WAV Atmospheric Branding, the leader in sensory marketing and in-store media, introduces its latest version of the Audiowav Music System – the AWMS 9.0 the first of its kind to revolutionize in-store audio technology and transform it to a whole new level.

Led by Caloy Hinolan, CEO of WAV Atmospheric Branding, the WAV Research & Development team strategically designed the AWMS 9.0 to exclusively broadcast customized music and tailor fit messages efficiently, anytime and anywhere.
Some of the new features of the AWMS 9.0 include Remote Volume Control Adjustment — a centrally controlled system that adjusts the volume levels of the machines online through the WAV Central Control Center, and Real-Time Online Updating – a new updating process that encrypts music, messages, and radio programming, and updates securely online. The machine itself uses Green Technology, producing a small carbon footprint and efficient power consumption as well.

“With this, customers can now expect a better audio experience inside the stores,” said Caloy Hinolan,WAV CEO. “It’s a platform that opens tremendous opportunities for in-store media.”

Brands that have already upgraded to the new AWMS 9.0 machines include Bayleaf Hotel, David’s Salon, Family Mart, G-Force, Jamba Juice, Levi’s, Oakley, R.O.X, Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Solaire Resort & Casino, Sunglass Haven, Wendy’s, Y2 and Picasso Hotel.

WAV Atmospheric Branding is a global in-store radio & retail Media Company that offers inventive media solutions such as in-store radio, scent marketing, and digital signage, for a complete sensory brand experience. For more information, please contact us.