Philippine-grown multinational company WAV GLOBAL (AudioWAV Media Inc.), in partnership with internationally-recognized brand for directional audio Panphonics, attended the 2nd China Museum Operation Technology Innovation Summit held on January 12-13, 2017 in Shanghai, China, to offer the country’s biggest museums with state-of-the-art European audio technology.

China Art Museum — the biggest museum in Shanghai — housed the two-day event which was organized by Noppen, the leader in organizing international conferences. With nearly 75 companies from different countries in Asia and the Pacific, domestic and foreign government offices, industry associations, museums, and technology suppliers were well-represented.

Attendees were treated to two days of networking sessions to beef up business contacts, one-on-one business meetings for potential partnerships here and abroad, exclusive showcases of services and innovative technology, and panel discussions about today’s best equipment and professional technology for the construction and operation of museums and other similar establishments. WAV Global’s contributions came in the form of presenting state-of-the-art directional speakers, showing that zoned-in audio can be beneficial for certain museum set-ups. With China aiming for global digital, intelligent, and creative museums nationwide, the summit proved beneficial for museum owners and B2B companies alike.

In Asia, WAV Global is Panphonics’ official partner and distributor for directional audio in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. In the Philippines, WAV Global provides atmospheric branding to several establishments, including the use of directional speakers for it’s in-store media services.

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