Took me a while to start a blog site. You might ask why now? Why not?

Life in the 80s was simple then, you want to talk to someone you either go to his house or call the landline. Now with the advent of connectivity, phones like shrunked computers are that powerful. Humans can now connect and send messages on the fly, listen to music by choice, search and google stuff they are interested in, watch videos on youtube, shop without leaving their homes. Etc, etc. Consumers are more complex than ever. They are informed. People have high expectations on the products they buy and the experience the shops provide when they visit. The brick and mortar business has changed.

Welcome to the 21st century. The Digital Era.

Creating the Atmosphere or customer experience which is now a must is now a complex exercise. A chain of applications seamlessly connected, if one breaks, it destroys the whole positive experience.

I will randomly share my thoughts on Atmospherics. This is the industry I revolve in now. I invite you to share this link to marketing people, professors, practitioners or friends passionate about Atmospherics, Instore Radio, Scent Marketing, Instore Digital Signage. Tons of knowledge can be shared from actual deployments and projects. Me and my team look forward to the interaction on this site. Exciting times ahead.

On the next blog “Why deploying the right music is important. Why dumping songs wont work”.

Till next time,

Più tardi,

Caloy Hinolan/CEO WAV

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