AudioWAV Media, the country’s leader and pioneer in atmospheric branding solutions, guested on DZIQ 990 AM’s radio segment, Talk Shop Asia, to touch on the subject of Sensory Marketing and the importance of music in the retail market space.

Julienne Chai, marketing manager of WAV, talked about how the modern approach of sensory branding provided a subtler but supremely more effective marketing approach when compared to traditional advertising. Put into special focus were the senses of sight, sound, and smell. The discussion compared 1) how digital media signage offered more dynamism and real-time convenience as opposed to traditional billboards and posters, 2) how customized in-store radio stations gave marketers more freedom to choose lifestyle-centric music and tailored ads as opposed to commercial radio stations, and 3) how scent marketing – a relatively new player in the marketing game – uses the most subtle strategy but garners the strongest emotional recall for any brand. These are the modern marketer’s branding tools.

And because ‘retail is detail,’ things like displays, and ambient music and scenting play a big role in an establishment’s success. In real-life applications, fast paced music are used in places like restaurants and fast food establishments, in order to induce customers to eat faster, thereby encouraging faster customer turnover. In retail stores, more relaxing or slightly upbeat songs are played to lull the customer to stay longer, causing them to see more merchandise that they will highly likely buy. When Talk Shop Asia’s guest Dra. Delia Maceda of Quantumin Plus asked what kind of music might be best for a healthcare establishment, WAV weighed in by suggesting mellow and soothing music to help ease the minds of patients.

“In the country, sensory marketing is still constantly evolving, with new technology created and released,” Ms Chai notes. “People want to go into a store, and get a full experience.”

AudioWAV Media Inc., specializes in atmospheric branding (fully customized in-store radio, digital media signage, and ambient scenting), and serves over 1700 stores nationwide. The company also offers in-store radio point-of-purchase advertising, hardware solutions, and mobile applications and analytics. Experience WAV at the 23rd National Retailers Conference at the SMX Convention Center on August 10 and 11, 2016.

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